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Brave bulls

Toros Tours gives you a chance to meet fierce bulls in their natural environment. Fierce and brave bulls (toros bravos) are a special breed raised up to develop a natural instinct for fighting.

Therefore it is the only breed used for bullfighting. This kind of bulls live in the andalusian countryside, in semi-liberty or assisted liberty.

In the Mediterranean area, as well in the Oriental area, the bull has always had a symbolical value being an animal admired by all civilizations through history. The fierce bull have had a main role in art, history and anthropology during several periods and cultures.

Bulls are animals that carry a special symbolism that expresses universal feelings: beauty, strength, elegance, mystery, power, fertility, etc. For these reasons, bulls have always been present in the tales, legends and myths since the beginning of mankind in prehistoric times.

If you want to meet fierce bulls and their natural environment, talk to the people who live close to the land and them, contact us and we will plan your guided tours. You will have an unforgettable experience in the andalusian countryside without haste, tasting every moment, understanding the culture and the tradition of this way of living.

The tour is about 3 hours long. You will see the bulls very close following animal welfare regulations and you will learn about the fierce breeding, the historical origins of the bullfighting in Spain, etc.

We work with several livestocks located in: Seville, Cadiz, Granada, Córdoba and also Extremadura.

Toros Tours can organize a diverse range of outdoor activities such as: horse riding, trekking, "capeas" or "tentaderos", wine and food tastings, lunch or dinner in a farm or livestock, "acoso y derribo" (these are exhibitions of bullfighting at the farm or livestock, where fierce bulls and cows are not injured), exhibition of andalusian horses dressage, flamenco dancing in a beautiful landscape, etc… Please, contact us for more information!

We are willing to prepare a wonderful day for you in the andalusian countryside. The visit is very exclusive and it will be conceive just for your needs. We arrange visits and stays from 2 pax. to 8 pax., these being considered a small group. Bigger groups? Please contact us.